Rod and Graham talk about our Cooler Kits

Do I need a cooler?

Good question. Put simply, overheating is the number one cause of automatic transmission failure! While a few vehicle manufacturers have done a good job of building a good transmission cooling system, there are far too many that have missed the mark.

If you are deciding on whether your vehicle needs an external transmission cooler, consider these points:

  • There is no such thing as too much transmission cooling.  Having a well cooled transmission increases the life and performance of your transmission.
  • Vehicle manufacturers are looking to reduce manufacturing cost.  To achieve this some manufacturers have cut corners by removing transmission coolers.  Others have produced compromised designs – like cooling transmission fluid by using hot radiator water!
  • There can be no doubt that all vehicles that tow “or” are equipped with off road tyres, bull bars and lift kits etc all require external oil coolers.
  • Here at Wholesale Automatics we have solved these problems with an all Australian Made easy to fit complete transmission oil cooler kit.
  • Transmission oil coolers need to be mounted securely to avoid vibration and cracking. DON’T get caught out using flimsy mounting brackets. Our heavy duty Australian made One piece mounting systems solves this problem.
  • Our mounting bracket is thick 4mm steel and is E-coated in black to give you full protection from the elements, this coating is 60% more resistant to corrosion than galvanised steel!
  • Each kit comes with everything you need to install including Extra Large Oil Cooler, E-coated Mounting bracket, Quality Cooler Lines with Protective Shielding, Mounting Hardware and Cooler Unions if required.
  • If you’re handy with the tools then this kit is for you as they come complete with mount and oil cooler pre-attached and detailed installation instructions.
  • We also have over 40 dealers throughout Australia capable of doing the fitting for you.

Some of the parts that come with the Ford Ranger/Mazda BT50 & Ford Everest Kits

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