Compushift Toyota AB60 Tip-Tronic Automatic Transmission Controller

$2,995.00 inc. GST

Kit Contents:

  • Compushift Transmission Control Module
  • Compushift Display/Controller
  • Transmission Specific Wiring Loom
  • Torque Converter Lockup Control Switch
  • EFI TPS Tap Loom
  • Instructions
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The Compushift AB60 Transmission Controller is the premiere standalone automatic transmission controller designed to make engine or transmission swaps as easy as possible. When you use the OEM controller, most users end up with poor shifting due to the differences between what the OEM controller parameters were and what the transplanted vehicle has. A difference in tire sizes, diff ratios, torque curves, or vehicle weight can make a big difference to the operational performance of the automatic transmission.

By taking full control of your automatic transmission with the Compushift AB60 Transmission Controller, these issues will no longer be a problem. The Compushift AB60 Transmission Controller is pre-programmed for the majority of installations with the fitter needing to input the vehicle tire size, engine type, and calibrate the throttle position sensor (TPS) and the vehicle will be movable. With the ability to fine tune the calibrations for pressures, shift speeds and lockup speeds, we can make the automatic transmission shift perfectly.

Please Note: The Compushift AB60 Transmission Controller must be installed with the following components:


  • Custom Designed Centre Console that will house the Prado Tip-Tronic Shifter Assembly (please contact us to discuss options available for a centre console)

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 50 x 40 x 10 cm