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Nomad Valve Bodies – Free Shipping to Customers in Australia for April 2022

Hi there, it’s Rodney from Wholesale Automatic Transmissions. With free shipping to customers within Australia for April 2022 on Nomad Valve Body orders now is a great time to upgrade your vehicle. This is the first time we have offered free freight on Nomad Valve Bodies.

Many customers who tow a caravan or go offroad ask us what they can do to make their transmission more capable. Retaining crisp shifts and clean gear shifts when your vehicle is under increased load is why we created the Heavy Duty Nomad Valve Body. The Nomad Valve Body can handle to additional pressure placed on your transmission by towing (especially long-distance caravan hauls), heavy loads, performance chips, exhaust upgrades or other performance modifications.

The Nomad Valve Body is designed and manufactured in Australia to suit our vast country and its climate and terrain challenges. It has undergone a tremendous amount of research and development and testing. We have an extensive range of Nomad Valve Bodies designed to fit a wide range of vehicles (see below). By fitting our Heavy Duty Nomad Valve Body Upgrade you will see a reduction in heat, fuel consumption AND get a far better driving experience you will never forget!

People looking at buying a Nomad Valve Body are regularly wanting outcomes like:

  • A big upgrade in their capability to tow caravans, horse floats and boats.
  • Crisper, instant clean shifts.
  • Any OEM faults completely removed.
  • Overcome transmission flaring after installation of performance upgrades i.e. Tuning, Chips, Exhausts etc.
  • Greatly reduced wear and tear on clutch packs inside the automatic transmission that lead to excessive repair costs earlier than expected.
  • Allows any lock-up kit to work in 1st gear for true 100% engine braking on demand.
  • Minimises hunting.
  • Reduces sluggish, slow gear changes on both up and down shifts including kick down.
  • Improves engine responsiveness.
  • Upgrades the transmission’s natural ability to provide engine braking by 10-15%.
  • Improves fuel economy.
  • Decreases transmission temperature

The Nomad Valve Body is a great piece of kit and is one of our most popular sellers. Reviews from our happy customers confirm the value of this kit. “Bloody brilliant. Less throttle to get off the line with crisp, smooth changes.” Pete W and “The Nomad Valve Body has made the world of difference to my 60 series.” Scott W.

Our Nomad Valve Body Kits are suitable for:

  • DIY Installation for those handy on the tools. The kits come with full step-by-step colour instructions. In most cases there is a DIY install video guide available. See here.
  • Professional installation by our Australia wide dealer network. There is at least one in every state!

With free shipping within Australia for April 2022 only, now is a great time to upgrade your vehicle with a Nomad Valve Body! Act now to take advantage of this special offer. Please note each of these valve bodies is sold on a changeover basis and the free freight applies from Wholesale Automatics to the customer only (the customer is responsible for the cost of returning their old valve body core to Wholesale Automatics).


Nomad Valve Body Upgrades


Some Popular Nomad Valve Bodies:

Check out our full Nomad Valve Body range below:


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