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Three very different valve body upgrades options to choose from..

I’m not sure which one is for me?

The Heavy Duty Nomad Valve Body Upgrade is perfect for Towing and Touring where you are looking for improved fuel economy, improved shift quality and a more enjoyable driving experience. It’s also ideal for those who have added a performance chip and exhaust system gaining you around 30% improved engine performance.

The Heavy Duty Extreme Valve Body Upgrade is designed around the customers who are power mad. We are talking bigger turbos, high flow injectors, superchargers, and any other aftermarket engine modification to gain more power. The shifts are going to be quite firm but thats a trade off for handling that much power.

The Heavy Duty Full Manual Valve Body Upgrade is for comp truck style vehicles. The kinda trucks that have 2 throttle positions – On and Off. This removes all automatic shifting and in some cases requires you to activate the overdrive gear and torque converter lockup via seperate switches. This valve body is NOT designed for daily driving. It IS designed for competition style driving.

If you are unsure which Valve Body you should choose, Contact Us for advice.