Custom Heavy Duty and Billet Heavy Duty Torque Converters

Over the years, there have been many transmissions that failed because the torque converter was inadequate for the task at hand. Some torque converters are not efficient enough to suit the engine power, while others don’t have a thick enough backing plate, lockup clutch plates, or as the case may be you may have an engine conversion.

At Wholesale Automatic Transmissions, we have set up our Heavy Duty and Billet Heavy Duty Torque Converter Program to answer all of these scenarios, allowing us to develop numerous custom torque converter designs to suit a multitude of flex-plate and automatic transmission combinations. Some of these torque converters are done on an ‘Exchange’ basis and will incur a refundable deposit charge, while others are strictly ‘Outright’ – no exchange required.  So, whether you’re after a Nissan, Toyota, or any other heavy duty torque converter that suits the following make, model and engine combinations we have you covered.

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If you want more details on any of the above torque converters or if your make/model is not listed then please contact our team as we are more than happy to help.

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