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Heavy Duty Nomad Valve Body

Heavy Duty Nomad Valve Body

Many customers who tow a caravan or go offroad ask us what they can do to make their transmission more capable. Retaining crisp shifts and clean gear shifts when your vehicle is under increased load is why we created the Heavy Duty Nomad Valve Body upgrade. Check out the below video and details to see how it can improve your 4WD experience.

The Heavy Duty Nomad Valve Body upgrade is the perfect accessory to provide crisp shift points and reduce the flaring and gear hunting in your transmission. The Nomad valve body can handle the additional pressure placed on your transmission by towing (especially long-distance caravan hauls), heavy loads, performance chips, exhaust upgrades or other performance modifications.

This transmission valve body is designed and manufactured in Australia to suit our vast country and its climate and terrain challenges. By fitting one of our Heavy Duty Nomad Valve Body Upgrade, you will see a reduction in heat, fuel consumption AND get a far better driving experience that you will never forget!

This valve body upgrade is not just a cheap shift kit!

For those who have extensive engine upgrades or conversions and don’t mind a firmer shift you are in luck as we also have our Heavy Duty Extreme Valve Body Upgrades that might suit you better.

You’ve got me interested.
Just one question….

What is a “Valve Body”?

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I’m glad you asked.

Also known as a transmission valve body, it is a maze of channels with lots of valves and springs. The valves are controlled via hydraulics or via electronics (in late model vehicles). Each of the valves will either prevent oil from flowing, enable it to start flowing or vary the pressure at which it can flow. When a valve is opened the oil can apply pressure to a clutch or route the oil to another valve. By combining a series of valve opens/closes, the transmission can engage or disengage certain clutches which in turn can shift gears, engage the torque converter lockup, or neutralise. This means that one set of valves on the valve body might give you 1st gear, while another set of valves might engage reverse.

By re-calibrating the flow of this oil through the use of modified valves, separating plates and springs, we can affect how clutches apply, provide better lubrication, increase longevity and even increase the flow to the coolers.

Ok. Now tell me why I need one!

People looking at buying a Nomad Valve Body are regularly wanting outcomes like:

  • A big upgrade in their capability to tow caravans, horse floats and boats.
  • Firmer, cleaner shifts.
  • Any OEM faults completely removed.
  • Overcome transmission flaring after installation of performance upgrades. Ie Tuning, Chips, Exhausts etc.
  • Greatly reduced wear and tear on clutch packs inside the automatic transmission that lead to excessive repair costs earlier than expected.
  • Allows any lock-up kit to work in 1st gear for true 100% engine braking on demand.
  • Minimises hunting.
  • Reduces sluggish, slow gear changes on both up and down shifts including kick down.
  • Improves engine responsiveness.
  • Upgrades the transmission’s natural ability to provide engine braking by 10-15%.
  • Improves fuel economy.
  • Decreases transmission temperature

By raising the transmission’s torque converter pressure, this changes the viscosity of the transmission oil within the torque converter. The side effect of this is greater engine braking, fuel economy and less heat generation.

The Wholesale Automatic Transmissions Answer

We put together a development program and have come up with a cheap and easy way to turn your automatic into a crisp shifting transmission without having to remove the transmission from the car. Drawing on the 100 plus years of automatic transmission knowledge and experience, Wholesale Automatic Transmissions developed the Heavy Duty Nomad Valve Body Assembly Upgrade to tackle all of these elements, plus a few others.

The valve body has undergone a tremendous amount of testing and is a must for vehicles with performance chip upgrades, serious off road use and towing applications. The difference the recalibrated Heavy Duty Nomad Valve Body makes to the vehicle is overwhelming. The transmission once fitted with the recalibrated Heavy Duty Nomad Valve Body can handle more power and torque while also greatly increasing the cars towing capabilities. All this with nice crisp shift points even while towing.

Braking Solutions for Optimal Safety

The lack of natural engine braking needed during downhill descents, especially while towing, is a regular complaint with customers. We have addressed this by achieving an increase of approximately 10% natural engine braking on the majority of our re calibrated transmission valve body range.

With easy to read instructions for the removal and refitting of the recalibrated Heavy Duty Nomad Valve Body, your transmission will be performing as you would have expected it to from the factory, turning those long, frustrating and extended drives into pure heaven on wheels.

It is also recommended to upgrade your automatic transmission to Full Synthetic Oil at the time of fitting your Heavy Duty Nomad Valve Body. For more information on any of these points, including the valve body replacement cost, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Wholesale Automatic Transmissions today.

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