Nomad Heavy Duty Valve Body to suit Mazda BT-50 6 Speed (Vehicle Build AFTER June 2014)

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Are you planning on doing some Towing or Touring? Maybe some Engine Performance upgrades? The Nomad Heavy Duty Valve Body upgrade is a must to ensure your transmission is not the weakest link.

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This Nomad Heavy Duty Valve Body is suitable for vehicles with build date (not compliance date) after 30 June 2014. The build date will be on the compliance plate which is located in the drivers side door jam. Please note: Wholesale Automatic Transmissions will not be responsible for any problems arising from installing this product in the incorrect vehicle.


Suitable for vehicles:

  • Mazda BT-50 UP (Series 1) with 6 Speed Auto (Vehicle Build After June 2014)
  • Mazda BT-50 UR (Series 2) with 6 Speed Auto

Kit includes:

  • Nomad Valve Body
  • Thermal Cooler Bypass Valve
  • Case Sleeve
  • Pan Gasket
  • Oil Filter

Get the transmission that you expected with this little tweak!

The Nomad Heavy Duty Valve Body upgrade is the perfect companion to any touring or towing vehicle. Providing the necessary upgrade to the transmission clutches to reduce flaring between gears and increase power efficiency, the Nomad Heavy Duty Valve Body is a must for any one hitting the open road towing a caravan. With the added benefit of increased natural engine braking for the downhills descents and better cooler flow. The Nomad Heavy Duty Valve Body is also a must for any automatic vehicle that has had an engine upgrade such as a performance chip, exhaust system, or flash tune.

No need to remove the transmission from the vehicle, the Nomad Heavy Duty Valve Body can be fitted by any competent mechanic. The kit comes with a replacement pan gasket and filter(if applicable). It also comes with easy to read instructions for removal and refitting. All of our customers are overwhelmed by the difference this one little upgrade makes to the tow-ability of the vehicle.

Valve Body Upgrade, Australian Made and Install Instructions

Please Note:

This product is Built to Order and sold on an Exchange basis that requires a Refundable Deposit.


  • Built to Order means it will take the lead time noted above to build the valve body depending on core availability and work load. Please also allow time for shipping.
  • Exchange basis means we send you a re-calibrated Nomad Valve Body that you need to swap over or ‘Exchange’ for the valve body currently in your transmission.
  • Refundable Deposit of $650 ($850 for international orders) will be added to your cart automatically and will be refunded once you have returned your original valve body (in working condition) to Wholesale Automatics. 100% refund on the deposit if your core is returned within 120 days of purchase. Longer by written arrangement – contact us. This is so we have cores available for the next customer.

Click on the play button below to watch the installation video

Click on the link below to open the installation instructions (full install)


Installation Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
John woollard
Just fitted

Seems very good haven’t really tried it out yet, no towing

Thanks for the review, John. I'm confident the Nomad Valve Body will be up to the job when you get to try it out more.

Colin Elvin
Great product easy installation, quick delivery

I installed the nomad valve body, dual oil cooler and deep cast pan,the only problem I had was fitting the plastic sleeve for the electrical plug,it took a bit of fiddling and force to seat it properly,but then I was working only with ramps and axle stands,it would be easier on a hoist,just take your time,I completed it in a day just check you have the tools needed before you start,great instructions and some good youtube videos also help to know what your in for,well what a huge difference, quieter,smoother, cooler running, transmission temperature down 20 degrees, I haven't towed as yet but no doubt it will help the transmission have a better service life a worthwhile investment I think, a tip for people who are going to reuse the original transmission pan I drilled a 13mm hole in the bottom to drain it makes it a lot less messy and the you can weld or get fitted a sump plug for next time. I recommend the cooler and bypass valve and transmission pan modification as minimum for the BT50 but if you have the budget might as well do the valve body as well as it has to come out to put the bypass valve in, hope that helps someone down the track, happy customer.