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Bundle Deal – Nissan Patrol Y62: Transmission Cooler, Cast Pan, Analogue Temperature Gauge

$1,731.00 inc. GST $1,644.45 inc. GST

Nissan Y62 Bundle! 3 Great Products to Improve the Performance of your Y62. Buy Together and Save! Please Note The Cooler Kit In The Bundle Now Comes With Thermal Bypass Valve Upgrade!

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Bundle Deal – Nissan Patrol Y62: Transmission Cooler, Cast Pan, Analogue Temperature Gauge

The Nissan Y62 bundle deal significantly improves the performance of your Nissan Y62 with three great products:

  • Dual Heavy Duty Transmission Cooler (includes Thermal Bypass Valve)
  • Cast Transmission Pan
  • Analogue Temperature Gauge

By buying these three together you will be making a major upgrade to your Nissan Y62. You also save when you buy all three together!

Dual Heavy Duty Transmission Oil Cooler Kit

  • Custom designed for the Nissan Y62
  • 4WD tough – Thick 3mm heavy duty steel
  • Strong single piece bracket design – For maximum rigidity even over corrugations
  • Dual coated – both zinc plated and Mannex Black coated for maximum corrosion resistance
  • High efficiency crossflow transmission oil cooler
  • High temp trans cooler hose and fittings
  • Full DIY installation instructions

Cast Transmission Pan

  • Custom designed for the Nissan Y62
  • Extra fluid capacity. 3L over stock. The more oil the better the cooling. Longer transmission oil life.
  • Aluminium construction. Conducts heat away rapidly.
  • Fins to increase surface area and heat transfer away from the pan.
  • Drain hole and magnetic plug for easy maintenance.
  • Greater strength.
  • Mounting hardware included.

Analogue Temperature Gauge

  • Solid, reliable accurate temperature monitoring
  • Cheapest “insurance” against automatic transmission failure due to overheating
  • Fit directly into pillar pod or in separate bracket and cup
  • Gauge has a backlight for easy use at night


Click on the link below to open the Cooler installation instructions


Installation Instructions

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