COMPUSHIFT Transmission Controller for RE4

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Control your RE4 with the COMPUSHIFT transmission controller that comes with plug and play harness, Bluetooth/App setup and diagnostics and a host of features.


COMPUSHIFT Transmission Controller for RE4

The COMPUSHIFT Transmission Controller for RE4 allows you to easily control your RE4 transmission. The COMPUSHIFT is a leader in technology, with the ability to setup and control the transmission using a wireless Bluetooth App on your phone or other smart device. The COMPUSHIFT is designed and manufactured in America by HGM, a well established company with more than 20 years in the industry. The COMPUSHIFT is durable, with an IP65 rated control module. Australian based technical support.

Features & Benefits of the COMPUSHIFT RE4 Transmission Controller Include:


Ease of Setup and Use

  • Built-in Bluetooth wireless connection.

  • App based setup, diagnostics and calibration.

  • No PC or laptop is required. All setup is easy and can be completed by your App on your phone or tablet.

  • Install and drive – most transmissions are supported by a pre-set calibration.

  • Customizable App dashboard.

  • Easy to download and share calibrations with friends and tech support.

  • USB port can connect to a PC or handheld display as required.

  • Laptop based setup is also available either via wireless or cable connection.

  • Extensive data logging and charting capabilities are provided by the App.

  • One touch throttle position sensor (TPS) calibration.

  • The App fully supports both metric and imperial units (kilometers/miles etc). There are presets for various countries. An option exists to choose any combination of metric and imperial for the various settings

Comprehensive Instructions and Support

  • Australian based phone and email tech support.

  • Remote tech support is available over the internet where a member of our tech support team can log directly into your device to address any concerns.

  • Comprehensive online owner’s manual.

  • Quick installation guide.

  • Free software updates (reflash) are available at any time online via the App.

  • Software updates can be loaded via CAN, USB, or Bluetooth.

Transmission Control

  • Adjustable shift speeds.

  • Adjustable shift feel.

  • Adjustable torque converter clutch control.

  • Configure 2 different calibrations or modes such as automatic/manual, tow/haul, calibration A/calibration B. Controlled by either your App or an optional switch.

  • Lock-Up Switch compatible for 4×4 or long haul towing usage. This allows for 100% engine braking in most gears and significant fuel saving while towing.


  • Plug and play harness made specifically for each transmission.

  • Paddle shift compatible.

  • Supports the widest range of transmission types and manufacturers.

  • Direct connection to the widest range of engine management systems (via CAN) for ease of setup/configuration.

  • CAN based interface to factory and aftermarket engine management systems.

  • Compatible with aftermarket throttle position sensors (TPS) which are available on our website.

Quality Manufacturing and Durability

  • Corrosion resistant fully anodized billet aluminum housing.

  • IP rated main harness connector.

  • IP65 rated control module.

  • Made in America (housing, circuit board, harness, App/software development).

  • Designed in America (App/software, controller and harnesses).

  • Longest established US manufacturers of transmission controllers (founded 1998-99).

  • Vibration and shock resistant.

  • The aluminum main case has been designed to maximize heat dissipation and management.

  • For proof of quality and tracking each housing is laser etched with the HGM logos and serial numbers.

  • Each unit is uniquely serialized and tracked throughout production, delivery, and sales.

  • Each unit is individually and thoroughly tested for load, circuit quality, accuracy, function and stability on a purpose build test system.

  • Lightweight compact construction makes for easy install in even the tightest locations.

  • A single lever lock design ensures the main harness cannot accidentally disconnect from the module.

Industry Leading Features and Design

  • The App has the ability to detect an extensive range of faults ranging from transmission malfunctions to wiring and solenoid faults (all displayed via industry standard fault codes).

  • Dedicated indicator lights provide simple fault diagnostics, power confirmation, and mode identification.

  • 12 short circuit protected solenoid drivers.

  • Each driver can drive high side or low side, meaning nearly any transmission can be controlled.

  • On/off, pintle, PWM, variable bleed, and variable force solenoids can be controlled, with or without peak and hold capability.

  • Each solenoid output can measure open circuit, short circuit, faulty solenoid resistance (high or low).

  • 4 programmable inputs to measure a wide variety of speed sensor types (hall effect, magnetic coil sensors and points ignition).

  • 22 general purpose input / output circuits that can be configured as LED outputs, switch inputs, voltage inputs, or pulse measurements for interfacing to pressure sensors, temperature sensors, shift levers, pushbuttons, and indicators.

  • Support for dual transmission temperature sensors, so both pan and cooler return temperatures can be monitored simultaneously if required.

  • Sensor inputs are designed for standalone or piggyback TPS and MAP sensors.

  • Programmable TPS and MAP ground so you can use dedicated sensors or piggyback.

  • Very high speed 32 bit CPU for shift control.

  • Dedicated Bluetooth processor that is separate from the main CPU for reliability.

  • Internal 3 axis accelerometer for data logging and shift calibration.

  • Internal temperature sensor for safety and environmental monitoring.

  • Has dedicated transfer case low range input for adjusting shift schedule and speedometer calibration as required. Able to detect both high and low range where available.

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