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Extreme PLUS Rebuild of Ford 7.3L F-Series 4R100 4 Speed Automatic includes Billet Torque Converter

$7,711.99 inc. GST $7,326.39 inc. GST

Due to high demand this product's lead time is 23 weeks.

Each Heavy Duty Extreme Plus Transmission from Wholesale Automatic Transmissions is built to perform and comes fully dyno and quality tested with a written report to ensure trouble free installation. Conditions apply to refundable deposit – see Description.

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This product can only be delivered to a business that can unload a pallet from a truck. This is a strict rule imposed by our freight companies.

All of Wholesale Automatic Transmissions heavy duty Extreme Plus Rebuilds are meticulously built to handle not only to toughest of conditions, but also takes into consideration vehicle weight, larger tyre size, extreme towing conditions and most power upgrades. Each transmission has been fully stripped, cleaned and examined, all surfaces as required have been re-machined, every gasket, seal and ring have been replaced, all clutch frictions and bands where applicable have been replaced and upgraded depending on requirements. Valve bodies have been upgraded and oil filter replaced. Bushes, bearings and thrusts have either been upgraded, modified or replaced depending individual requirements. Torque converters have been rebuilt and upgraded. Please note that in some applications we have upgraded billet torque converter options available please see below in the “Customers also bought these” section to see if any of these torque converter upgrades are more suitable.

Each transmission is meticulously dyno-tested with a written report showing performance.

All transmissions come with a 12 month unlimited kilometer Australia wide warranty. Please note the warranty does not include any parts used in competition vehicles, or any off road events. Repairs & replacements under this warranty are subject to these conditions: whether the parts are repaired or replaced is at the option of Wholesale Auto’s. All claims must be returned to Wholesale Automatics. This warranty does not cover loss of vehicle use, time inconvenience, tow or recovery or any other damages, these costs are the customers. Goods must be returned to Wholesale before any claim will be processed.

This Rebuild Includes

Extreme Plus Rebuild of Ford 4R100 4 Speed Automatic (includes Torque Converter). Comes with:

-Heavy Duty Nomad Valve Body Assembly

-Heavy Duty Billet Triple Plate Low Stall Lock-Up Torque Converter

-Heavy Duty Deep Cast Aluminium Sump

-New Solenoid Block

-Upgraded Pressure Reg Valve

-NON – PWM Lock-Up Valve

-Overdrive Piston Spiral-Lock Circlip

-New 34 Element Sprag

-Eliminate the Unreliable Cooler Bypass Valve

-Replace all gaskets seals and O-rings

-Replace all damaged worn and broken parts

-Replace all clutches and bands if applicable

-Adjust all clearances and end floats

-Full Synthetic Transmission Fluid

-High Temp Epoxy Enamel with High Gloss Finish

-Dyno Tested with Report (4WD Only)

The Rebuild Process

The transmission is completely rebuilt including all internal wearable items such as gaskets, seals, rings, frictions, filter and pan gasket etc. We then install our recalibrated heavy duty “Nomad Valve Body Assembly”. This valve body assembly has been custom designed for our towing, touring and 4wding customers to help increase the longevity of the transmission whilst aiding in eliminating excess heat. The valve body assembly will also give you a cleaner, crisper, better quality of shift. This is achieved by increasing the lines pressures and the clamping loads to shorten the shift and allow for more direct application to the clutches. This in turn gives a more responsive crisp shift and eliminates excess wear and heat during shift. As an average from customer feedback, the valve body assembly will give you roughly 1 litre per hundred kilometres better fuel economy in normal day to day driving. This recalibrated valve body also allows for power upgrades without affecting the transmission for example chips and or exhaust systems and turbo’s.

We also supply and fit a new solenoid block, install an upgraded Heavy duty EPC Valve and use a non Pulse width modulation Lock Up Valve for additional strength, performance and reliability.

The stock standard oil pan is then replaced with a “Deep Cast Aluminium Sump” allowing for more oil capacity to keep the transmission running cooler and also stops the possibility of the transmission case twisting and causing the valves in the valve body to jam in place, causing any number of issues which is a very common problem for these transmissions.

Heavy Duty Double Kiln Bronzed Billet Torque Converter For The 4R100 Transmissions

The transmission is also fitted with our “Heavy Duty Double Kiln Bronzed Billet Torque Converter”. The biggest factor we need to address with these transmissions is heat reduction and the factory torque converter is well known for causing excess heat and resulting in the transmission needing to be rebuilt. Our new designed torque converter built from scratch and internal modifications enables the transmission to achieve a far greater fuel economy and keep the transmission running much cooler. Our Billet torque converter eliminates all the factory faults, has a heavy duty spigot and is double kiln bronzed to increase overall strength and ensure the torque converter lasts the distance.

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Refundable Deposit Conditions

This transmission is sold on a changeover basis. The transmission you return to Wholesale Automatics must be suitable for rebuilding. If the transmission is returned with significant damage to shafts, drums, gears, case, valve body (in other words, ‘hard parts’) or has extensive rust ingress then all or part of your refundable deposit will be kept to cover the replacement parts.

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