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GENII Torque Converter Lockup Control Kit to suit Toyota LandCruiser 80 Series 4 Speed

$595.00 inc. GST



This Lockup kit is only compatible with LandCruiser 80 Series 4 Speed with a build date on or after Aug 1992. See your vehicle compliance plate for your vehicle’s build date.

Get the control you have always wanted with this powerful little unit

Our new GENII Torque Converter Lockup Control Kit with Pulse Width Modulation can give you back the control of your automatic transmission lockup system. Designed to manually control the electronic lockup torque converter, while still allowing the transmission to change up and down through the gears as per normal. This eliminates all converter slippage and converter runaway on steep downhill descents allowing full 100% engine braking. Installed with our Nomad Valve Body it will provide lockup in all gears including first gear for those steep downhill descents offroad.

Using the Torque Converter Lockup Control while towing greatly reduces transmission over heating, eliminating constant lockup engagement and disengagement giving you longer life expectancy of the lockup plate and improved fuel economy.

Cheap and easy to fit, our kit comes complete with instructions, wiring loom, control module and OEM style switch that illuminates when lockup is manually activated. The lockup converter reverts back to being controlled by the factory ECU when the Torque Converter LockUp Control is turned off.

Please Note: Requires our Nomad Heavy Duty Valve Body to work in 1st gear.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 32 × 24 × 11 cm

1FZ-FE – 4.5L Petrol, 1HD-FT – 4.2L Turbo Diesel, 1HD-T – 4.2L Turbo Diesel, 1HZ – 4.2L Diesel

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