Genuine Nissan T-Bar Shifters suit Nissan Patrol GU TB48 Tiptronic Shifter

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Genuine Brand New Nissan Assembly to suit Nissan GU TB48 Patrol that comes with the following items included.

Supplied with:

1 x Assembly with Handle
1 x Chrome Indication Facia
1 x Transmission Linkage
1 x Rubber Insulator for Transmission Linkage
1 x Steel Inner Tube for Rubber Insulator
4 x Washers
1 x Snap Pin
1 x to Transmission Linkage
1 x Flange Nut
1 x Hex Nut
4 X Mounting Nuts
1 x Rubber HI- Low Lever Boot 

*Please note that this assembly doesn’t come with the interior coloured plastic centre console facia as you have the choice to locate a good second hand or buy a brand new facia that only comes in black that you will then need to recolour to suit.