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GM 4L80E Automatic Transmission to the Nissan GQ and GU Patrol Safari Transfer Case

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GM 4L80E Automatic Transmission to the Nissan GQ and GU Patrol “Safari” Transfer Case

GM 4L80E 4 Speed Overdrive Automatic Transmission to the Nissan GQ and GU Patrol “Safari” Transfer Case Adaptor Kit. This kit allows you to use any standard or modified 4L80E / 4L85E Automatic Transmission that has the factory fitted 4WD or late 2WD output shaft. No modifications are required to the output shaft or transmission case to install this adaptor if it is a factory 4×4 variant. Late variants of the 2WD 4L80E / 4L85E can also be used, however, the output shaft will need to be trimmed down to the suitable length as required. The good news is the spline count is still exactly the same and can easily be cut without removing the shaft from the transmission, please take all necessary precautions to avoid dust from entering the transmission if having to trim a 2WD input shaft down to 4WD length. This adaptor is considered to be a very short adaptor meaning that no connecting spud shaft is required as the transfer case input gear has been resplined to suit the 4L80E’s standard 4×4 spline. This kit will require the transfer case to be disassembled enough to allow the changeover resplined input shaft gear to be installed. Please remember this input gear is changeover – don’t forget to send your old transfer case gear to Wholesale Automatics for a refund of your deposit. This kit will suit all engine variants as long as you can source of build your own engine mounts.

1 x 36mm CNC Machined Aluminium Adaptor Housing
1 x 30mm CNC Machined Aluminium Adaptor Spacer
1 x Resplined Transfer Case Input Gear (Change Over)
1 x Transfer Case Input Seal
1 x Upper Rear Mount
1 x Lower Rear Mount
1 x Rear Mount Bush Assembly (two piece rubber bush with internal steel sleeve)
1 X M12x1.75×120 Bolt (Rear Mount Connecting Bolt)
1 x M12x1.75 Nut (Rear Mount Pivot Connecting Nut)
6 x M10x1.50×35 Unbrako Bolts (Adaptor Spacer to Transmission Case)
6 x M10x1.50×30 Counter Sunk Bolts (Adaptor Housing to Adaptor Spacer)
6 x M10x1.25×35 Unbrako Bolts (Transfer Case to Adaptor Housing)
4 x M10x1.25×20 Unbrako Bolts (Upper Rear Mount to Adaptor Housing)

Fitting Notes

– Requires transfercase to be disassembled to install re-splined input shaft
– Transfercase input gear is sold on a changeover basis and your original input gear must be returned to Wholesale Automatics for refundable deposit refund. The refundable deposit is $250 for sales within Australia and $450 for sales outside Australia.
– Requires Deep Cast Aluminium Pan with Rear Slant as listed below
– Requires you to use ZD30 Manual Cross Member
– Lower Rear Mount will need to be welded onto to crossmember

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