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Heavy Duty Torque Converter to suit Toyota A340 behind 1KD-FTV Turbo Diesel (Exchange)

$895.00 inc. GST

Our heavy duty torque converters are custom built in Australia. They are strengthened and purpose built to suit the above engine. You can expect superior performance and durability. Lead time for delivery is 2 weeks.

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Toyota Hilux A340F Custom Heavy Duty Torque Converter

Our heavy duty torque converters are custom built in Australia to suit a specific engine and transmission. They are strengthened to provide superior performance and durability compared to the stock torque converter. Our custom heavy duty torque converter copes with situations where the original torque converter would struggle or fail. For example, in most cases factory torque converters are not built to handle any power upgrades or to tow excessive weights for long distances. This may lead to overheating the transmission or contribute to poor fuel consumption. Our heavy duty torque converters are all custom built to overcome these issues and many other inefficiencies. Moreover, our torque converter overcomes all known factory faults.

Key Features of our Toyota Hilux A340F Torque Converter Include:

  • Custom built
  • Double kiln bronzing to prevent vanes dislodging
    Double Bronze Kiln Torque Converter Vanes
  • Brand new heavy duty lockup lining
    Heavy Duty Torque Converter Lockup Lining
  • New kevlar lock-up plate
  • Machine lock-up reaction surface
  • New hardened flanged pump drive
  • Replace all Torrington bearings
  • Larger impeller Torrington bearing
  • New sprags
  • New stator caps
  • New skid plates
  • New seals
  • Full pressure test
  • Electronic balance
  • Enamel coat
  • Australian made
  • Purpose built to suit each engine’s requirements
  • Stall speeds have been fine tuned and well tested over time to be a perfect match to the engine
  • As with all good development projects we have taken all customer feedback into consideration and it is this that allows us to build the perfect torque converter

Lead Time:

There is a 2 week lead time to build this product. This is because every one of our torque converters is custom built.

Please Note:

This product is Built to Order and sold on an Exchange basis that requires a Refundable Deposit.

  • Built to Order means it may take up to 2 weeks to build the torque converter depending on availability and work load. Please also allow time for shipping.
  • Exchange basis means we send you a customised torque converter that you need to swap over or ‘Exchange’ for the torque converter currently in your transmission.
  • Refundable Deposit of $350 will be added to your cart automatically and will be refunded once you have returned your original torque converter (in working condition) to Wholesale Automatics. You have 60 days from the date of despatch to return your original torque converter for a full refund of the deposit.
    NOTE: We do receive many A340F Torque Converters that cannot be rebuilt due to damage. If your A340F Torque Converter cannot be rebuilt then the refundable deposit will be retained by Wholesale Automatics to cover our cost of not having a torque converter suitable to be rebuilt.

Fitting Notes:

Replaces factory torque converter

Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 25 cm

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