Nissan Pathfinder and Navara D40 RE5R05A 5 Speed Deep Transmission Pan

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Nissan RE5R05A With Slant For Cars, Frontier, Pathfinder, Xterra, Deep Transmission Pan

A Nissan RE5R05A With Pathfinder and Navara D40 5 Speed Auto. This Deep Transmission Pan looks great but also provides a range of benefits to your vehicle.

  • Extra fluid capacity. Most of our cast aluminium pans provide extra oil capacity above a stock pan. The more oil the better the cooling – which lowers your risk of heat related damage to the transmission. This cast pan has the extra oil capacity to provide improved cooling and the more oil you have in circulation the longer your transmission oil will last before deterioration starts to occur, adding an extra 25% longevity to the oil.
  • Aluminium construction. Aluminium conducts heat rapidly so that heat is transferred from the oil to the air. Most stock pans are steel which has a lower heat conductivity than aluminium.
  • Fins. The fins on the outside of this pan increase the surface area of the pan so there is greater heat transfer into the air.
  • Drain hole. Our cast transmission oil pan has a drain hole and plug for easy maintenance.
  • Magnetic plug. A magnetic drain plug traps metal particles that would otherwise remain in the transmission oil causing additional wear.
  • Greater strength. The heavy duty construction of the pan reduces transmission case twist. This will greatly reduce the amount of wear within the valve body, reducing bore wear and sticking valves.
  • Mounting hardware is included. This includes bolts and a drain plug.

Volume:approximately 1.1 L over stock

Dimensions: Depth is about 2.8 inches. Stock pan is about 1.8 inches. Always check your vehicle to verify transmission and clearance as does have a restocking fee.

Number of Bolts: 22

This heavy duty transmission oil pan fits the Nissan RE5R05A transmission and is designed to clear the frame cross members on Frontier, Pathfinder, Xterra and similar vehicles AND work with most skid plates.


  • Frame clearance
  • Skid plate clearance with overall height of 2.8 inches (enough for many skid plates)
  • Ground clearance for most cars, trucks and SUVs, only 1 inch deeper than stock pan
  • Extra capacity, fins, and aluminium construction for cooling transmission fluid
  • A drain hole and magnetic plug for easier maintenance
  • Thick walls and gasket flange to add strength to the transmission case and provide a secure seal

Filter and Gasket Information

The filter on the RE5R05A is a screen, and it bolts on to the valve body of the transmission so no filter supports or extensions are needed.

This transmission pan works with stock gaskets. These are usually about $25 from your local Nissan dealer.


The drain is toward the front of the vehicle.

includes a magnetic drain plug and all mounting bolts with the pan.