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TransGo HONDA-LK Repair Kit to suit Honda 4 & 5-Spd – Large Units 1998 to 2009

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Please note: this product will take 4-6 weeks to deliver.

Fits Honda, Saturn and Acura 5 Speed transmissions with “6 cylinder engined vehicles” according to transmission codes below. If possibly you have a transmission code other than the codes listed below in a “6 cylinder engined vehicle” please give us a call at 626-443-7451

Please notice our other kit the “Honda-LK2” is for “4 cylinder engined vehicles” and has different transmission codes.

Acura: CL V6 Only: 97-03 M7ZA, BGFA, MGFA.

Acura 3.2TL & TL: 99-09 B7VA, M7WA, B7WA, BDGA, BDHA.


Acura RL V6: 05-08 MJBA.

Honda Accord V6 Only: 99-09 B7XA, BAYA, MAYA, B97A.

Honda Odyssey V6 Only: 99-09 B7TA, B7YA, BYBA, BGRA, PGRA, P36A, B36A.

Honda Pilot V6: 03-09 BVGA, PVLA, PVGA, P35A, P34A.

Honda Ridgeline V6: 06-09 BJFA, MJFA, PSFA.

Saturn Vue V6: 04-07 MDRA, MDPA.

This is a Lube Correction Kit which includes springs and spacers for relief valve assembly in Main Valve body with “Enough parts to fix up to (6) Transmissions”.

Addresses Repeated Hot Trip Converter Blues. (Severe Overheating) Provides proper cooler flow and converter charge pressure, that is necessary to properly repair Honda units. Prevents repeated Torque Converter and transmission overheating failure. Includes Tech information and procedures to reduce unit failure.

Installation recommendation: Experienced technician

Transmission removal necessary: Yes