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TransGo TF-DETENT Repair Kit to suit TF Valve Body Detent Ball Bore

$86.00 inc. GST

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Please note: this product will take 4-6 weeks to deliver.

Fits All Torqueflites both 3 and 4 Speed 1966-Up TFOD’s all, 518’s 618’s 32-36 RH and RE’s 46, 47-48 RE’s (Except early Push Button Internal Cable Shifts)

Includes Patented “Mumbly Peg” tool to make install much easier and enough parts for (3) transmissions.

Addresses Valve Body Detent Ball Bore Repair. Allows use of worn Valve Body. Convenient drop in valves, No special tooling or machining necessary! Keeps manual Valve properly indexed.

Installation recommendation: Experienced technician

Transmission removal necessary: No