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TransGo TF-2 Reprogramming Kit to suit Torqueflite Transmission – All RWD 3-Speed 1966-On – Stage 1 and 2

$215.00 inc. GST

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Fits TF6, TF8, 904 and 727 3 Speed RWD 60-up Aluminum Case Transmission

Includes New Manual valve, Mumbly Peg for easy rooster comb assembly and items for Heavy Duty-Performance unit calibration.

Addresses Converter slip-shudder. Leaks out vent or lever. Front bushing and seal burnup. Drainback Complaint

Features Improves durability. Instant full-race shifts; Puts the driver in command. Goes back-to-low at any speed. Fixes 2-3 bindup.

Installation recommendation: Experienced technician

Transmission removal necessary: No