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TransGo SK O9D Shift Kit to suit All 09D – (TR60SN)

$315.00 inc. GST

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Please note: this product will take 4-6 weeks to deliver

Fits 09D/AW-TR-60SN VW Touareg/ Porsche Cayenne

Upgraded September 2013 to include (2) drop in Solenoid Regulator valve assemblies, TCC Boost valve assembly, Pressure Regulator Boost valve assembly and parts for renewing Pressure Control Solenoids. Convenient drop in valves!

Addresses Rough shifts, Bump-Bump downshifts above 30 mph hot and Part throttle downshift bang; Flares during up-shifts & kick-down, rough coast downshifts, No pressure rise, TCC slip/shudder and overall Poor shift quality. Improves and restores correct drivability with added durability.

Good news! No need to buy a $1200 Valve Body to FIX these complaints.

Installation recommendation: Experienced technician

Transmission removal necessary: No