TransGo SK 440-3 Shift Kit to suit THM 440 – 1984-93 Tri-pack Fixes 3 Transmissions

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Please note: this product will take 4-6 weeks to deliver.

FITS: 4T60/THM 440T4 84-up

FEATURES: Tripack (Fixes 3 units) Corrects/Prevents/Reduces: 2nd clutch failure; slide-bump 1-2; 2nd gear starts; rough 1-2; reverse slide-bang; 3rd clutch failure; 3-2 kickdown bindup; kickdown runaway; converter shudder; 4th clutch failure; burned 1-2 band; coast downshift clunk; 4-3 bang; soft lockup; no upshift.

Special Instructions: Requires transmission removal and professional installation.