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COMPUSHIFT Mini Torque Converter Lock-Up Kit for Chrysler

NOTE: There is a 3 week lead time on this product.

The COMPUSHIFT Mini Overdrive and Torque Converter Lock-Up Kit allows you to control the overdrive and when the torque converter clutch engages on Chrysler A500/42RH, A518/46RH 618/47RH transmissions. It is a stand alone system and is easily installed by someone handy on the tools as it includes DIY installation instructions.

The COMPUSHIFT Mini for Chrysler can be programmed using a smart device via Bluetooth.

A free downloadable App (available for Android, iPhone or iPad devices) allows you to adjust and tune settings. It includes an easy to read screen that displays current vehicle speed, throttle position, transmission pressure, 4th gear/overdrive activity and torque converter clutch engagement (lockup). This means that you can adjust your Torque Converter Lock-Up settings from the comfort of your seat.

The kit ships with all of the parts that should be needed for the installation including COMPUSHIFT Mini Lock-Up Controller, wiring harness, speed sensor and fittings,  hook and loop fasteners, terminals and cable ties.  An “AccuLink” throttle position sensor will be included if you selected Carburetor as your engine type.

COMPUSHIFT Mini -Chrysler Harness

The COMPUSHIFT Mini for Chrysler is different to other cheaper kits that typically use vacuum switches or delay timers. The COMPUSHIFT Mini has a dual system utilising throttle position and vehicle speed to optimize torque converter clutch lock-up control.  It also has the capability to run an electronic speedometer if required.

Customers often report benefits of better fuel economy for highway driving as well as improved response from the throttle.


  • COMPUSHIFT Mini Overdrive and Torque Converter Lock-Up Controller
  • Wiring harness
  • Speed sensor and fittings
  • Hydraulic pressure sensor
  • Hook and loop fasteners, terminals and cable ties.
  • Installation instructions

Transmissions Supported:

  • Chrysler A500 / 42RH
  • Chrysler A518 / 46RH
  • Chrysler A618 / 47RH

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