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COMPUSHIFT Transmission Controllers

Now With Bluetooth Integration

How It’s Made

Our COMPUSHIFT transmission controllers are designed and made in America. They are individually tested so you can depend on your controller 100%.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how the COMPUSHIFT is made in this video and find out how we know every controller has met our quality standards:

Do you have a unique project in mind?  I am guessing: “Hell yes”!  Virtually every one of our customers has a custom built vehicle. We are here to help you fit a COMPUSHIFT Transmission Controller to your project.

Allison 1000 Series (coming soon)

The Allison 1000 series of automatic transmissions are 5 or 6 speed transmissions used for on-road trucks. They are manufactured by Allison Transmissions in Indianapolis. 

Gear Ratios for Allison 1000 Series 5 and 6 Speed 

First Gear Second Gear Third Gear Fourth Gear Fifth Gear Sixth Gear Reverse Gear
3.10 1.81 1.41 1.00 0.71 0.61 4.49

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