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Cut Your Petrol Bill With A Torque Converter Lock-Up Kit

Hi there, it’s Rodney from Wholesale Automatic Transmissions. If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably been wondering how you can cut your petrol bill. Petrol prices have hit record levels and don’t look like reducing any time soon. One excellent way to cut fuel consumption when towing is with a torque converter lock-up kit. Our experience indicates that you will reduce you fuel consumption between 2L and 6L per 100km when towing on the open road (this varies depending on load and transmission type).

The torque converter lock-up kit assists in engaging the lock-up mechanism within the torque converter at times when it wouldn’t otherwise been operational. The heavier the load and the more throttle you use normally reduces the lock-up application. The lock-up kit allows the lock-up to function under heavier loads and heavier throttle application. This reduces heat build up and also reduces fuel consumption.

As well as the fuel savings features of the torque converter lock-up kit are:

  • 100% engine braking. This is especially useful for long descents where excessive braking may otherwise lead to brake fade.
  • Built in ECU to mimic the factory ECU output.
  • On board diagnostics and automatic failsafe mode.
  • OEM styled switches to match your existing factory switches.
  • Over 15 years of proven product history.
  • Backed by Wholesale Automatics – Australia’s leading 4WD automatic transmission workshop.

We currently have on offer our GENII Lock-Up kit as well as the new generation Nomad Lock-Up Kit. The GENII Lock-Up Kit is available for a wide range of vehicles while the Nomad Lock-Up Kit is only for the 200 Series LandCruiser. The Nomad Lock-Up Kit offers some new generation features such as Bluetooth connection. All of the products have fuel saving benefits as described above.

We have hundreds of happy customers who have benefitted from fitting a torque converter lock-up kit. Here’s what a few customer had to say:

  • “Easy fit. Instant results.” Darren F.
  • “Excellent upgrade. So easy to use. Very glad I made the upgrade. Works perfectly.” Peter S.
  • “Loving the lock-up kit. Towed the Jayco locked up in 5th and just cruised just as expected. No more surging when driving into a head wind or slight hill. Just puts power down and goes.” Lloyd P.


Some of Our Most Popular Torque Converter Lock-Up Kits:

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