Nomad Torque Converter Lock-Up Control Kit to suit Nissan GU Patrol ZD30 Common Rail

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Designed to give you control over the factory lock-up torque converter, while still allowing the transmission to change up and down through the gears as per normal.


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Fully automated with 5 pre-set calibrations, both water and dust resistant and comes standard with Bluetooth connection to an App on your phone. The Nissan GU Patrol ZD30 Common Rail Nomad Lock-Up kit puts the choice in your hands.

If you own a Nissan GU Patrol ZD30 Common Rail then we have an exciting new product specifically developed for this vehicle – the 3rd Generation “Nomad Lock-Up Kit”.

Important Note:  This product will not fit a ZD30 Non Common Rail engine.

The Nissan GU Patrol ZD30 Common Rail Torque Converter Lock-Up Kit is:

  • Fully automated with manual control on command.
  • Water and dust resistant. Rated to IP67.
  • Comes with five pre-set calibrations, all of which are easily adjustable to your personal preferences via an App on your phone or tablet.
  • Bluetooth technology – connect via phone or tablet.
  • Software can be upgraded via App when new features are available.
  • No Flash Tune or ECU remap required.
  • Can be used in Drive and Sports Mode.
  • Allows Torque Converter Lock-Up in all gears including 1st gear.
  • Does not require connection to your OBDII port.
  • Engine Stall protection when using Manual Lock-Up Control.
  • Proven major fuel savings.
  • Able to manipulate and control your transmission temperature in times of need.
  • 100% engine braking available on command – very useful when towing down those steep descents. Also helps in minimising brake temperatures when in use.
  • DIY fitting instructions.

The Nomad Lock-Up module, when paired with the Nomad Lock-Up App is a breakthrough in electronic torque converter lock-up control technology. Simply connect your phone or tablet via Bluetooth, setup your car via the wizard on install and away you go. Over the coming months if you would like to make a change to any of the 5 pre-set calibrations you can do so with great ease via the App. Check out the following videos below.

LockupVideo1 1600x900

Want more control? Engage the manual lock-up switch to take full control eliminating all converter slippage and converter runaway on steep downhill descents allowing full 100% engine braking in all gears apart from first.

LockupVideo2 1600x900
The Nissan GU Patrol ZD30 Common Rail Torque Converter Lock-Up Kit is a fully automated kit. Using the Torque Converter Lock-Up Control while towing greatly improves your fuel economy, reduces transmission overheating, eliminating constant lock-up engagement and disengagement giving you longer life expectancy of the lock-up plate. Cheap and easy to fit, our kit comes complete with instructions, wiring loom, control module and OEM style switch that illuminates when lock-up is manually activated.


Nomad Lock-Up Kit Installation Instructions to suit Nissan GU ZD30 Common Rail