Automatic Conversion to suit Isuzu powered 4BD1T Diesel Land Rover Defender using Heavy Duty 4 Speed GM 4L80E Automatic Transmission

This conversion is built as a DIY. Depending on whether you want to use a second hand, rebuilt or brand new auto, Wholesale Automatics supplies different components to allow you to complete the manual to automatic conversion. Please note that you need to be both handy with the tools and the welder to complete this conversion.

This kit is not a complete DIY kit but rather some of the components that we have that will make this conversion a lot easier

Manual to Automatic Conversion

4L80 Transmission No2

Customers have the choice to use a second hand, brand new or rebuilt transmission.

Wholesale Automatics can supply

  • Completely rebuilt heavy duty high performance transmission
  • All new clutch frictions and bands
  • All new gaskets, seals and rings
  • Heavy duty billet torque converter (comes separately as part of the adapter kit)
  • Pre-dyno tested with report
Front Adapter

Front Adapter

Wholesale Automatic’s own adapter. Comes with:

  • Heavy duty 4L80E lockup plate torque converter
  • Cast aluminium torque converter cover
  • Complete drive plate assembly (no crank bolts)
4L80E to LT230 Transfer Case

4L80E to LT230 Transfer Case.

Note: Please remember only a LT230 Transfer Case can be used in this conversion.

COMPUSHIFT Controller, Harness, Display, Hand

COMPUSHIFT Sport with Display.

  • Custom built to operate the 4L80E
  • Bluetooth integration so you can adjust settings using your smart device
  • Display unit for monitoring important parameters
  • Manual control in sports mode for low range
  • Selector position readout for automatic mode and current gear when in sports mode
T-Bar Shift Assembly

T-Bar Shift Assembly

T-Bar Shift Assembly with cable and bracketry to suit 4L80E.

Generic Cooler

When you are an automatic transmission, keeping your cool is your number one priority.

  • Heavy duty transmission oil cooler
  • More than twice the cooling capacity of the factory cooler
  • A stand alone cooler means no chance of cross contamination of coolant and transmission fluid

GM 4L80E Gear Ratios

1st 2nd 3rd 4th R
2.482 1.482 1.00 0.750 2.077

Max Torque is 600Nm with standard transmission.

The Assembled Transmission

Assembled Transmission

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