Nissan GU Patrol to 6BT Cummins with 4 Speed Heavy Duty 4L80E Manual to Automatic Conversion

Manual to Automatic Conversion to suit a Nissan GU Patrol to 6 BT Cummins with 4 Speed Heavy Duty 4L80E Automatic

Included in the Conversion

Manufactured by GM is a this strong and super reliable 4 Speed 4L80E Automatic Transmission.

  • 3 options available: 1200Nm, 1500Nm and 2000Nm
  • Cryogenically treated internals
  • Comes with our famous Nomad or Extreme Valve Body
  • 300 maraging input shaft
  • Deep cast aluminium sump with slant rear to suit Nissan GU
  • Pre dyno-tested with reports.

Torque converter.

  • 1200 Nm heavy duty double kiln bronzed OEM style diesel torque converter
  • 1500 Nm heavy duty billet single plate lock-up low stall torque converter
  • 2000 Nm heavy duty billet triple plate lock-up low stall torque converter
  • Tried and tested and balanced to perfection.

Front and rear adaptors.

  • Billet CNC machined 4BT/6BT adaptor housing with flexplate, ARP crank bolts and starter motor
  • Billet CNC machined 4L80E to Nissan GQ/GU transfer case adaptor with resplined input gear
  • Adonised with protective coating.

Engine and transmission mounts.

  • Laser cut and pre-assembled engine mount kit suit both Nissan GQ and GU
  • Laser cut and pre-assembled rear transmission mount kit suit both Nissan GQ and GU
  • Front engine mounts come complete with rubber isolators
  • Rear mount comes with neoprene isolator.

The COMPUSHIFT transmission controller.

  • Custom built to operate the GM 4 speed 4L80E automatic transmission
  • Both water and dust resistant – perfect for Australian offroad conditions
  • Full Bluetooth connectivity to any smartphone or tablet
  • Fully adjustable via an App on your smartphone or tablet
  • Display unit for monitoring of important parameters
  • Both automatic and manual control at the push of a button.

Centre T-bar shift assembly. Choice of aftermarket as shown or genuine 4 speed Nissan GU.

  • Aftermarket option is robust and suitable for all environments
  • Aftermarket option comes with industrial style reinforced shift cable
  • Aftermarket option comes with connecting linkages
  • Aftermarket option has park lock-out and is mechanically impossible to shift into reverse from any forward gear
  • Genuine option 4 speed centre console section using ZD3/TB45 OEM t-bar shift assembly.

Transmission cooling system.

  • Heavy duty dual “twin” transmission oil cooler kit
  • Dual coated with zinc and finished with Mannex black
  • All our cooler are mounted on heavy duty one piece centre brackets
  • Comes complete with 5m cooler hose with protective flexible conduit and hose clamps
  • A stand alone cooler means no chance of cross contamination of coolant and transmission fluid.

The End Result

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