Nissan Patrol GU Manual to 5 Speed Auto Conversion

A World First! Manual to Automatic Conversion to suit a Nissan GU Using a Genuine RE5RO5A 5 Speed Automatic

Included in the Conversion

Heavy Duty Nissan Rebuilt 5 Speed RE5R03a Tip-Tronic Overdrive Automatic Transmission

Manufactured by JATCO is the strong, reliable and refined 5 Speed RE5R05A Automatic Transmission.

  • Fully reconditioned in-house to Wholesale’s high quality standards
  • Billet 6R80E Style Low Stall Torque Convertor with 8 Converter Bolts
  • Deep Cast Aluminium Transmission Pan
  • No modifications to your chassis, drive-train or drive shafts as the new automatic transmission is the same length as the manual gearbox
  • Can be configured for high output engine applications if required (including V8 petrol and diesel engines)

The COMPUSHIFT is the premier transmission controller available on the market and will make your transmission come alive.

  • Custom built to operate the Nissan 5 Speed
  • Bluetooth integration so you can adjust settings using your smart device
  • Display unit for monitoring of important parameters
  • Manual control in sports mode for low range
  • Selector position readout for automatic mode and current gear for when in sports mode.

Torque Converter Lockup is a staple accessory that we have developed over many years experience. It made sense for us to use it here.

  • Manual control of the torque converter clutch at the touch of a button
  • Keep transmission temperature under control
  • 100% engine braking for downhill descents
  • Reduce tacho jump while towing
  • Perfect for long stretches of corrugated roads

We have done countless conversions and we have found the primary factor for success is how good the interior looks.

  • OEM centre console to house the genuine shifter assembly

When you are an automatic transmission, keeping your cool is your number one priority.

  • Heavy duty transmission oil cooler
  • More than twice the cooling capacity of the factory cooler
  • A stand alone cooler means no chance of cross contamination of coolant and transmission fluid

Nissan RE5RO5A Ratios

Nissan RE5RO5A 5 Speed Auto Ratios

Gear Manual Automatic
1st 4.0849 3.54
2nd 2.3534 2.262
3rd 1.4263 1.4717
4th 1.1 1.1
5th 0.8807 0.834

The Nissan RE5RO5A 5 speed auto has a similar over drive ratio and better reduction gears than a 4 speed auto.

The End Result

Contact us to convert your Nissan Patrol GU TD42 Manual to a 5 Speed Tip-Tronic Automatic Now!