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Bundle Deal – Ford F-Truck 4 Speed : Billet Torque Converter, Cast Pan, Torque Converter Lock-Up

$3,396.00 inc. GST $3,022.44 inc. GST

Due to high demand the lead time on this product is 10 weeks.

Ford F-Truck 4 Speed Bundle! 3 Great Products to Improve the Performance of your F-Truck. Buy Together and Save!

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Bundle Deal – Ford F-Truck 4 Speed : Billet Torque Converter, Cast Pan, Torque Converter Lock-Up

The Ford F-Truck 4 Speed Speed bundle deal significantly improves the performance of your F-Truck with three great products:

  • Billet Torque Converter
  • Cast Aluminium Transmission Pan
  • Torque Converter Lock-Up

By buying these three together you will be making a major upgrade to your F-Truck. You also save when you buy all three together!

Billet Torque Converter

  • Custom built
  • Hardened steel spline
  • Double kiln bronzing to prevent vanes dislodging (on turbine)
  • New triple lock-up frictions with new dampener
  • New seals
  • New rollers and springs
  • Billet front cover (back cover)
  • Replace phenolic thrust with new Torrington on early models and replace Torrington on late models
  • Full pressure test
  • Electronic balance
  • Enamel coat
  • Australian made
  • Purpose built to suit each engine’s requirements
  • Stall speeds have been fine tuned and well tested over time to be a perfect match to the engine
  • Custom low stall stator (diesel only)
  • As with all good development projects we have taken all customer feedback into consideration and it is this that allows us to build the perfect torque converter

Cast Transmission Pan

  • Custom designed for the F-Truck.
  • Extra fluid capacity. 3 to 3.5L over stock. The more oil the better the cooling. Longer transmission oil life.
  • Aluminium construction. Conducts heat away rapidly.
  • Fins to increase surface area and heat transfer away from the pan.
  • Drain hole and magnetic plug for easy maintenance.
  • Greater strength.
  • Mounting hardware included.

GENII Torque Converter Lock-Up

  • Improved fuel economy
  • 100% engine braking in descents when towing
  • Built-in ECU to mimic the factory ECU output
  • On board diagnostics and automatic failsafe mode
  • OEM styled switches to match your existing factory switches