Full Manual Valve Body Nissan RE4R03A 4 Speed Std Pattern D-2-1 with Electric Lock-Up & Overdrive

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Wholesale Automatic’s Nissan Patrol GQ and GU RE4R03A and RE4R01A (Jatco) 3 Position (D-2-1) Full Manual Valve Body Assembly comes complete with both the Overdrive and Lock-Up Activation Solenoids which means no modifications are required to the T-bar Assembly where Overdrive will still be activated by your Overdrive Button. By using a Manual Lock-Up Activation Switch (not supplied in kit) you will be able to use your Lock-Up Switch for maintaining 100% engine braking on all descents both in high and low range also giving you the added benefit of being able to control transmission heat and fuel economy by manually activating it on the open roads. One of the main benefits of this manual valve body design is that it allows for the shift pattern to remain the same as the t-bar within the car meaning D-2-1. The other main and probably the most important benefit is that this valve body allows you to run a lock-up torque converter which is a must have for all road registered vehicles if you are ever going to have any hope of controlling transmission temperatures especially when towing or on large tyre combinations. It is an Australian made product that has been both developed and extensively tested throughout Australia.

Wholesale Automatic’s Full Manual Valve Body gives you maximum clamping force under all situations and all throttle positions including reverse. It has a nice, crisp, firm shift that is perfect for all high performance engines both on and off road. Obviously no transmission controller is required making this a cheap and easy install for those customers who like the feel of being in full control.

Note that for the GQ Series 1 this product suits 12v vehicles only but it can be used in 24v vehicles with the aid of a 24v to 12v reducer.

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