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An Amazing Nissan GU Patrol 6BT Cummins with Wholesale Automatics Extreme 4L80E Automatic Conversion Kit

About the Author

Rodney "Rocket Rod" is one of the Directors of Wholesale Automatics. He has been in the automatic transmission industry for over 30 years. Rodney mainly focuses on Marketing and New Projects and is the driving force behind creating new ways to bolt different parts together for our conversion projects. Rodney is also responsible for the majority of the entertainment at Wholesale Automatics.


Rod checks out our customer’s ride, in this case a Nissan GU Patrol 6BT Cummins with a Wholesale Automatics 4L80E automatic conversion kit. This ride is something special and even appeals to Rod a dedicated Landcruiser man. The car is owned by Patrol-a-Part in Lilydale Victoria. It was originally intended as a demonstration vehicle but has been used for a variety of purposes such as working on the owner’s farm. The car has been fully engineered, and as such has an engineer’s certificate. The body has a unusual but genuine GU imported tub and has a large engine space originally dedicated to the much smaller ZD30 engine. It now the much larger 6BT Cummins engine – one of the last engines before they became DPF. A custom rocker cover has been made out of billet aluminium allowing for clearance for the bonnet to close. It also has a massive intercooler up front along with a custom airbox. The interior all looks neat and well finished and the T-Bar shifter was modified to operate all four positions (Drive, 3, 2, 1). This was done by filing an extra slot into the gate. The car has a COMPUSHIFT controller. The COMPUSHIFT comes with a dash display that shows what gear you’re in, transmission temperature, torque converter lock-up and throttle position. In this case they have also installed a well thought out triple gauge pillar pod allowing for easy observations at a glance.

Underneath the car we find an unexpected super long engine pan showing just how large this engine really is and obviously a huge 5 inch exhaust that is built to suit this enormous engine. Front and rear adapters are both made by Roland of Custom Engineering Mechanical (C.E.M) that allows for the standard Nissan transfer case to be reused. Obviously the suspension has been beefed up and everything just seems to be a perfect fit. As mentioned the car is nothing short of an amazing vehicle and drives smoothly with plenty of power. Even at half throttle the power of the engine is quite overwhelming.

Check out the video below and for more information about this conversion or any other project you may have in mind please feel free to give us a call at Wholesale Automatics on 03 9762 8004.


Patrol-a-Part’s Amazing Nissan GU Patrol 6BT Cummins with Wholesale Automatics Extreme 4L80E Automatic Conversion Kit

Nissan GU Patrol 6BT Cummins to 4L80E Automatic Conversion Kits

High Power 4L80E Conversion Adaptors and Torque Converters (Including 4L80E to Toyota 1HD-FTE)


Custom Built 4L80E Extreme Transmissions, Conversion Kits and Accessories

Our Extreme 4L80E Transmissions are custom built to handle large tyres, heavy weight and horsepower generated by high performance engines. Putting a standard transmission behind a whole lot of horsepower is asking for a transmission failure – probably sooner rather than later. Give us a call to find out more details.

Wholesale has also developed a set of conversion kits and accessories so you can run a 4L80E behind a variety of engines and in particular vehicles. In each case the 4L80E transmission, torque converter and components are all designed for reliability and dependability. They are a precise match for the engine’s power and torque.

4L80E Conversion Kits and Components Are Available For:

  • ISB 6.7L Cummins
  • 6BT Cummins
  • 4BT Cummins
  • 1HD-FTE Toyota
  • 1FZ-FE Toyota
  • 4BD1T Isuzu
  • LS GM
  • 6.5 Diesel GM
  • Chrysler Hemi 5.7L, 6.4L SRT & 6.2L Hellcat

Interested?  Give us a call: 03 9762 8004

Custom Heavy Duty and Billet Torque Converters

Over the years, there have been many transmissions that failed because the torque converter was inadequate for the task at hand. Some torque converters are not efficient enough to suit the engine power, while others don’t have a thick enough backing plate, lockup clutch plates or as the case may be, you may have an engine conversion.

At Wholesale Automatic Transmissions, we have set up our Heavy Duty and Billet Heavy Duty Torque Converter Program to answer all of these scenarios, allowing us to develop numerous custom torque converter designs to suit a multitude of flex-plate and automatic transmission combinations.

So, when is it a great idea to run a heavy duty or billet torque converter:
– When you do extensive towing
– When you tow heavy loads
– When you run a high power engine
– When you have converted your vehicle to an auto


Some Popular 4L80E Torque Converters

COMPUSHIFT Sport and Pro Transmission Controller


Have you or your mates been thinking:

“Ideally I Would Put This Auto Transmission Behind That Engine”

A COMPUSHIFT Transmission Controller solves your most pressing problem – getting a computer to run the auto. COMPUSHIFT makes for a first class solution as it allows you to:
Configure your shifts using an App on your smart device over bluetooth
Have a full set of plug and play connectors for easy installation
Get the confidence of IP65 rating for dust and water proofing
And More
If you are interested check out all the details via the button below.

Click Here To Check Out COMPUSHIFT


Cast Aluminium Transmission Pans


Upgrade your stock transmission pan to get a host of benefits.
1.  Extra fluid capacity. Transmissions use oil for cooling. The more oil the better the cooling – which lowers your risk of heat related damage to the transmission. The majority of our cast pans have extra oil capacity although a few pans have stock capacity to maintain clearances.
2.  Aluminium construction. Aluminium conducts heat rapidly so that heat is transferred from the oil to the air. Most stock pans are steel which has a lower heat conductivity than aluminium.
3.  Fins. Fins increase the surface area of the pan so there is greater heat transfer into the air.
4.  Drain hole. Our cast transmission oil pan has a drain hole and plug for easy maintenance.
5.  Magnetic plug. A magnetic drain plug traps metal particles in the transmission oil which can cause wear.
6.  Greater strength. The thick walls of the cast pan are sand-cast aluminum and they add strength to the transmission case. Fractures in the transmission case and bell housing can sometimes occur due to vibration and having a strong cast pan may reduce the risk of such damage.
7.  Mounting hardware is included. This includes bolts and a drain plug.



Filler Tubes and Dipsticks

At Wholesale Automatic Transmissions we stock the best filler tubes and dipsticks on the market. Their features include: being made in America, coming complete with solid mounting tabs, anti-corrosion plating and outstanding reliability and durability.



Torque Converter Covers

A torque converter cover keeps dirt and road debris away from your essential transmission components. Wholesale recommends a transmission dust cover as it will:
Protect transmission seals.
Reduce the risk of component failure in your transmission.
Guards against accidental contact if you are working under a running vehicle.


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