Nomad Torque Converter Lock-Up Control Kit to suit Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series

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We have recently released the 3rd Generation of Torque Converter Lock-Up Kit for the Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series. The 200 series lock-up kit is ground-breaking new technology, suiting the following 200 Series vehicles:

  • 1VD-FTV 4.5L Twin Turbo Diesel with 6 Speed AB60 Transmission (09/2007 to Present)
  • 1UR-FE 4.6L V8 Petrol with 6 Speed AB60 Transmission (01/2012 to Present)
  • 2UZ-FE 4.7L V8 Petrol with 5 Speed A750 Transmission (2008-2011)

Key points of the Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series Nomad Lock-Up Kit are:

  • Fully automated with manual control on command.
  • Water and dust resistant. Rated to IP67.
  • Comes with 5 pre-set calibrations, all of which are easily adjustable via an App on your phone or tablet.
  • Bluetooth technology – connect via phone or tablet.
  • Proven major fuel savings.
  • Able to manipulate and control your transmission temperature in times of need.
  • 100% engine braking available on command – very useful when towing down those steep descents. Also helps in minimising brake temperatures when in use.
  • Online fitting instructions and video install guide available.
  • Available as a full kit or as an upgrade kit (if you already have our GENII Torque Converter Lock-Up)

The Nomad Lock-Up module, when paired with the Nomad Lock-Up App is a breakthrough in electronic torque converter lock-up control technology. Simply connect your phone or tablet via Bluetooth, setup your car via the wizard and away you go. Over the coming months if you would like to make a change to any of the 5 pre-set calibrations you can do so with great ease via the App.

The following video introduces the Nomad Lock-Up Kit.


Want more control? Engage the manual lock-up switch to take full control eliminating all converter slippage and runaway on steep downhill descents allowing full 100% engine braking in all gears apart from first. However, if you install our Nomad Valve Body it will provide lock-up in all gears including first gear for those steep downhill descents offroad.

The following video shows the torque converter lock-up being used going down the Toowoomba Range.


We have produced a comprehensive video on the full install of the Nomad Lock-Up kit.


For those people who already have our GENII Lock-Up Kit you can purchase an upgrade kit at a discount to the full kit. You also save time on the install as you are able to use some of the existing wiring.


As well as the videos there are comprehensive written instructions.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a torque converter lock-up kit?
A torque converter lock-up kit “locks” a clutch that is internal to the torque converter reducing the torque converter slip to zero. This effectively gives you 1:1 drive to the transmission. The three most noticeable benefits are: a proven considerable reduction in fuel consumption, a noticeable drop in transmission temperature (which will increase the life of the transmission greatly) and the ability to give you 100% engine braking on command for all downhill engine braking requirements.

Why do I need a torque converter lock-up kit?
Due to most vehicles being manufactured and tested to be operated on sealed roads in suburbia, the torque converter clutch usually works perfectly. However when the vehicle is towing and/or offroad it can quite often cause frustrations to the driver as the factory ECU appears confused and is constantly changing to state of the torque converter clutch. With the assistance of the Nomad Torque Converter Lock-Up Control System the driver never again has to worry about fuel consumption and transmission heat and has the added assurance of extra engine braking on command when required.

Will I get better fuel economy with a torque converter lock-up kit?
A major proven advantage of the torque converter lock-up kit is improved fuel economy. This is especially true for towing where you can expect to get an extra 2L to 6L per 100km on the open road.

Can I manually engage torque converter lock-up?
The Nomad Torque Converter Lock-Up kit has been designed so the driver can manually activate the lock-up at any time at the simple press of a button.

What happens when a torque converter locks up?
The torque converter lock-up is a type of converter that has a clutch. The engagement of this clutch causes the engine to lock to the transmission input shaft thereby leading to a direct drive through the torque converter. A lock-up torque converter is often used since it reduces temperature build up and improves fuel economy.

What is the difference between a lock-up and non lock-up torque converter?
A lock-up torque converter allows the engine output shaft and the transmission input shafts to be locked together so they spin at the same speed. This results in less heat build up and improved fuel economy compared to a non lock-up torque converter.

Why didn’t the manufacturer to a lock-up kit in the car in the first place straight from the factory?
The manufacturer of these vehicles are required to build to a worldwide market. This limits their ability to concentrate on countries where many will never tow or upgrade their vehicle in any way but in others such as Australia our way of life means that we often tow significant weights and have multiple upgrades such as larger offroad tyres, engine upgrades, bullbars, winches or a combination of all of the above. This makes it impossible for the manufacturer to know what the driver intends to use their vehicle for and to what degree. Whereas the Nomand Lock-Up Kit allows the driver to configure to their own personal needs. This changes how the car drives and increases the benefit you get from a torque converter lock-up kit reducing heat build up and achieving genuine reductions in fuel consumption. 

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